In January of 2016, Lena Nguyen, Annie Nguyen, and Mercy Chang met together to establish an interest group called SBTAO - Sisters Bonded Together as One - at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). They sought not only to create sisterhood, but also to promote leadership, scholarship, community service, and cultural awareness in hopes to establish the first multicultural sorority on campus with Asian roots. Following their belief that the sorority would provide women with a support system not otherwise found on campus, the ladies of SBTAO worked persistently to become a group that would acquire the respect and interest not only the IUPUI campus but also the surrounding community of Indianapolis, and the existing chapters of Sigma Psi Zeta.


By Fall 2017, they solidified a new group of ten women - Mercy Kong Chang, Melody Hsieh, Sydney Huynh, Sachika Iwamoto, Abby Mendoza, Annie Nguyen, Lena Nguyen, Michelle Quan, Kurumi Sawaki, and Isabella Tuimuk- to continue pursuing their shared vision of eternal sisterhood.


To create a campus presence, they collaborated with other multicultural organizations to bring awareness to Asian representation. Through their active participation in the community, they also inspired others to learn more about Asian culture in America. Most importantly, the ladies built strong bonds that would last a lifetime.


On April 8th of 2018, the ladies officially crossed into the sisterhood and formed the Alpha Omicron Charter of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

From Left to Right Charter Members:
Annie Nguyen, Sydney Huynh, Michelle Quan, Sachika Iwamoto, Isabella Tuimuk, Mercy Kong Chang, Abby Mendoza, Lena Nguyen, Melody Hsieh
Not Pictured: Kurumi Sawaki

Awards & Achievements 


Outstanding Registered Student Organization of the Year, Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

Unsung Hero Award, Serena Srun

Values in Action Award, Abigail Mendoza

Visionary Leadership, Natalie Mendez


Asian Heritage Celebration Dinner, Leader of the Year, Mercy Chang

Fraternity and Sorority Life Leaders of Distinction, Isabella Tuimuk

Multicultural Fraternity and Sorority Member of the Year, Mercy Chang


Multicultural Center, Member of the Year, Lena Nguyen

Asian Heritage Celebration Dinner, Leader of the Year, Annie Nguyen

Asian Heritage Celebration Dinner, Community Leader, SBTAO Interest Group